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Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the edge of my seat...

You know how a really good movie or television show can make you hold your breath? — Just itching to see the next scene? That's kind of what my life is like right now with the whole waiting-for-Darrell-capades. It's not too much longer, kiddies. This waiting game is about to end and I can't wait.

I'm also a little on edge, because I've just about taken on the role of AM at work. I'm no longer shadowing, so that's good. Now, it's just a waiting game until I can get a promotion. All I want is to do so well, the company/my boss is just like: "Stefanie, you're so amazing at your job. Here, we want to give you more money." And then I'd be like: "Oh, it's just all in a day's work. I'd be glad to take more of your money, because I like money. Money is good. You can give me more money whenever you'd like."

That whole money thing leads to another part of this dastardly thing called life, which is the fact that bills are starting to pile up. And my eyeballs are starting to choke.

My whole month's salary can't cover the entirety of our bills. That's everything — from his bills to my bills to our bills. This is pretty sad, but it's OK. We'll be OK.

Keeping Barney and I company throughout the winter season here is the nostalgia of home. The short winter season here has reminded me of home (Maine), which right now is a good thing. A little slice of home — even if it is the frigid cold and ice — has been this warm and fuzzy feeling of when things were simpler and a little less stressful. I just can't wait until Darrell gets back and that frigidness and chill is replaced with lots of love and warm feelings again.

Let the countdown begin ~ Until we meet again!
Barney and I at the Sicily drop zone on Jan. 11.
**SnOw DaY**