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Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuffing my face

Don't be afraid of the name, I just jumped onto this bandwagon with the millions of others out there to share my thoughts, stories and ideas with the rest of the populace. 

But, just like everyone else, I'm trying to snag a little of your attention too. I should have done this a long time ago, and it's especially vital right now, because I've face-planted into this thing called life. Say Ah.

I guess I won't delve into the itty-bitty details of my life right quick. I'll give you a little room to digest the situation first.

  • I moved to North Carolina after graduating from college (UMaine) to
  • marry my, now husband, Darrell;
  • become an Army Wife;
  • rescue our spoiled brat of a dog Barney (this is my fault... Mama loves you);
  • begin work at my new grown-up job at a local newspaper;
  • and stuff my face with the trials and tribulations that have been served up piping hot on my plate. 
 It's an adventure and a horror flick all at the same time, keeping me at the edge of my seat and holding my breath to see what's coming next. I'm not really sure when I'll finally be able to breathe, but something tells me it won't be that much longer. 

Speaking of breathing, for the last few months, I've been coping with all of the above and more with yoga. (The "more" will come later once you've gotten to know me better. I can't reveal all on the first date...) 

First off, let me say that until now, I had never experienced yoga but thought about doing it for a long time. If you're ever thinking about trying it. Do it. It's amazing and you'll feel like a million bucks after.

Here's a crazy pose. (And no, not within my realm of yoga practice, but hopefully I can work toward it. I think it's called Aasanaas.)

My very first class lasted an hour and a half in Embrace Yoga Studio in downtown Fayetteville with my yoga teacher, Sandra. 

Sandra does an awesome class that has me doing crazy stretches, poses and also a little sweating. It's like my little getaway on week nights and on the weekends after teeth- and fist-clenching days at work.

It was a Tuesday evening at 7 and I had no idea what to expect. Sandra's classes are definitely more challenging than other classes the studio offers, but I like it. I can actually say I get a work out from it, and there's no running involved! YAY! 

Downward facing dog, up dog, planks, crow, cobra, half lotus, full lotus, happy baby, headstands, shoulder stands, pyramids, tree pose, warrior one-two-three, wild thing, and more! 
... Savasana

I can actually say that after my first class during final relaxation, I was ready for bed. YUM, I love yoga.

I've gotten into a routine now. You know how some people pray Sunday mornings or go fishing? I go to yoga class. Yoga for breakfast. (I bought my own mat, which is blue and has cool designs. I'm trying to be a true yogi now.)

On Sundays when I get to class, I like to grab a blanket and some blocks, depending on how I feel that day, and unfurl my mat. I do a little stretching to make sure I'm not completely cold when class starts and listen to the soothing music Sandra plays. (Other classes with different teachers definitely have different "tones" to them. Not every teacher is the same.) 

I like to close my eyes even before class starts, because then I can smell the incense burning stronger, lavender usually. Sandra can stretch and pose better than the rest of us yogis in class. 

I especially love the end of class, during Savasana, when I'm ready to empty my brain, because Sandra will place a lavender infused bean bag over your eyes. It cuts out any light that may come through your eye lids and truly takes me deeper into relaxation. Ah.

I can definitely see doing yoga in the future. It's part of my life now. Where else am I supposed to get the best breathing and mental blankness in life? 

With the help of Sandra, I've improved my yoga skills. Endurance, endurance, balance, balance, breathe, breathe, and breathe!

Here are some of the poses that I do know how to do!

Although life has shoved itself down my throat, I can always turn to yoga as my sweet dessert. 

Namaste everyone!

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